Arriving at the Feast (Conversion Part III)

Following Parts One and Two… Every few months, it seemed, my husband and I would express serious concern about being Lutheran—spiritual, theological, and historical—and we would talk and search for answers to our questions about Lutheranism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy. It was intimidating to think about leaving Protestantism, which was much more comfortable and known to […]

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Stuck in the Road… (Conversion Part II)

“Man could say nothing to God, nothing from God, nothing about God, except an almost inarticulate cry for mercy and for the supernatural help of Christ, in a world where all natural things were useless. Reason was useless. Will was useless. Man could not move himself an inch any more than a stone.” – G. […]

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On the Road… (Conversion Part I)

The process of becoming Catholic took place over the course of at least four years, and it began much before I knew anything was beginning. I was a very serious evangelical Christian, in love with the Lord and desiring to do whatever God asked of me. I knew God must come before anything and anyone […]

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The Particularity of Love

Confession can be quite intimidating. Left to our own devices, we would avoid anything of the sort altogether. We do not like to think about our faults, let alone give ourselves ample time to think about our sins, and least of all to confess all our sins to another person. We do not want to […]

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Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?

Although there are countless other things I could write about for one of my first blog posts, it seems as though it would be dishonest in some way to write of anything without saying a word about the horrible things that have been going on in the Church for the past many years—the egregious acts […]

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Beginning After This Our Exile

When the thought came to me to do a blog, I was still in catechesis to be brought into full communion with the Catholic Church. I remember it was Lent, and my husband and I were beginning to pray the Rosary as a devotion we hoped to add to our daily lives. I was astounded […]

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"To stand before the face of the living God - that is our vocation."

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)